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Simon Yardley Osteopathy
Gentle effective treatment to get you back to your best
due to shoulder injury

My Service - Osteopathic Treatment

I offer gentle highly effective tailored osteopathic treatment to assist your body in overcoming pain and lack of movement, usually in only 1 to 3 thorough 45 minute treatments, rather than in ongoing regular appointments. If however you prefer a regular treatment schedule that can be arranged too.

Physical therapy on leg

Osteopathic Treatment

Osteopathy is a physical treatment therapy that promotes the bodies innate healing processes to restore health. My holistic treatment approach uses gentle and effective visceral osteopathic treatment focused on the root cause of your problem, not just the symptoms.


This specific approach releases the physical restrictions in your body, leaving you feeling relaxed, lighter and more energetic.


The gentle nature of the treatment means that it is suitable for people of all ages, from babies to senior citizens, from acute, chronic back pain and neck pain to stress and anxiety.

Who can be treated?

My treatment approach can be used on people of all ages, and I have treated from hour old babies to 96 year olds.

Babies, Young children
After the traumatic birth process, some babies can develop feeding problems, experience reflux, colic, or show a preference to holding their heads to one side. These conditions are usually treated in one or two gentle 15 min treatments.

It is common for teenagers to have back problems shortly after growth spurts and posture issues usually related to playing computer games! I have found visceral osteopathic techniques to be very successful in the treating these complaints.

Adults and Senior Citizens
I treat adults as diverse as farmers, factory workers, office workers and the elderly. In my corporate work, I see a large number of factory workers involved in heavy manual labour activities. For people that need to get back to work quickly this treatment approach can accelerate your recovery.

Pregnant Mothers
Common complaints Ive heard from mothers during pregnancy are sciatica, and discomfort from carpal tunnel syndrome. The gentleness and specificity of my approach reduces the tightness, and improves lymphatic drainage leading to pain reduction and increased comfort.

Chiropractor at Work

Nutritional Advice

I'm happy to advise on general nutritional advice in a simple txt or phone or consult basis during a treatment session. Ive found for detailed nutritional advice a one to one session with a recommended naturopath is usually best as being on top of current advancements in nutrition is quite a challenge,

Whats Happening

Booking appointments with me!

Starting in 2019 I have changed my booking procedure to primarily use an online booking system

I still plan to offer a personal approach around your booking experience where possible, but given the busy nature of my practice these days I think the best approach for all concerned is to book online.

The use of secure forms when you book online now allows me plan your treatment before you arrive and spend more of the appointment time treating you. These forms become part of your case history and can be completed in the comfort of your own home rather than in my waiting room.

It is still possible to txt me of course to 021 152 1774 but I may be unable to return your message until the end of the working day, and sometimes this involved several message exchanges! Thus now you can use the appointment button on this website to book Snells Beach appointments or the link in your txt message and choose the next free appointment time that suits you.

Voicemail messages will no longer be picked on the 021 152 1774 number, if you are unable to book online please txt me to the same number or email me. 

PLEASE NOTE I only work in Snells Beach


7 Health Tips

These are my current suggestions for helping to maintain your health or that of your loved ones. Its difficult to know what to purchase, but these are the products / activities I currently know can work.

1 MitoQ

2 Vitamin C

3 General Multi Vitamin

4 Rest & Sleep (deep sleep - I can test this)

5 Exercise preferably interval training

6 Quality water

7 Reduce your stress, if only eh?

Chiropractor at Work

Opening Hours  &  Prices

Private $110   ACC $60
appointments 45 - 60 minutes

Mon 9am - 4pm

Tue 9am - 3pm

Wed Closed

Thu 9am - 4pm

Fri 9am - 3pm
Sat Closed
Sun Closed

Contact Me

Physical therapy on leg

About Simon Yardley

I spent my earlier years in the UK initially as a biochemist and then many years as a computer consultant. After successful osteopathic treatment for a rowing injury, I decided to study osteopathy and move to New Zealand. I trained at the New Zealands Osteopathic School in Auckland, where I was fortunate to come into contact with a number of highly experienced osteopaths. Training and working with those osteopaths lead to me incorporating effective visceral and traditional structural techniques into my own practice. Positive feedback from patients encourages me to continue to practice in this gentle and effective way.

Life is a learning process and osteopathy is no different. Over the years I have continued to adapt my osteopathic techniques to be more gentle and effective by making them more specific and targetted to resolve the presenting complaint. I believe that it is important to make available sufficient time in a treatment session to enable people to feel that they can discuss their reason for seeking treatment, so that together we can get to the root cause of their problem. I see this as an important part of a successful treatment process, which leaves the patient feeling relaxed at the end of the session, and not rushed out the door. Hence I treated for a minimum of 45 minutes.

My family and I have been in the Snell’s Beach area since 2010, and I look forward to offering my treatment approach to residents in the area.

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